DrankBank + Handprint

Handprint Digital is the consulting arm of Handprint LLC, while Handprint Ventures allows our team to grow side-projects into sustainable businesses. Our first project aims to improve the availability of information on happy hours and drink specials at bars across the country. DrankBank.com was launched in 2011, and over the past five years we've learned a lot about how people drink, where people drink and what people drink. Is it happy hour yet?

Thousands of people use DrankBank everyday.

We're proud to say DrankBank has received more visitors every month since our launch in 2011. We now have a presence in more than 75 US cities and are currently sharing over 10,000 happy hour specials with users over the age of 21. Over the next 12 months we plan to expand into new markets, improve our advertising platform and simplify mobile functionality.

No hype. Just happy hours.